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Kreatornia Relaksu Massage and Beauty Studio
Massage Warsaw Center

Kreatornia Relaksu is a professional massage room in the very heart of Warsaw, with a range of beauty treatments. Massage is our passion!

We offer a wide range of professional massages: from health improvement, classic massage, deep massage, sports massage, soft tissue therapy and drainage therapy to modeling and lipolytic massages such as slimming and anti-cellulite massage. Chinese bubble massage and cosmetic drainage. Kreatornia Relaksu is also a place of exceptional relaxation thanks to relaxing massage, hot oil massage, hot stone massage. ZEN massage inspired by Far Eastern philosophy, sensual hot chocolate massage and even massage for two.

Treatments in Kreatornia Relaksu are accompanied by music selected for the type of massage. Natural essential oils, and the climate is complemented by the sparkle of candles and the smell of fragrant incense. In an intimate, cozy room in the very center of Warsaw. You can find both relaxation and soothing, as well as invigorating body and mind agitation.

The offer of Kreatornia Relaksu – massage Warsaw is complemented by a wide range of beauty treatments. From intensive face treatments, including spectacular facial treatments to effective body slimming treatments, such as cinnamon body wrapping, makeup, depilation and more.


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